Disable item sets in TW Pro

Tired of a browser that hangs for a long time? Have you become familar with the dialog below?
Warning Unresponsive script

Then it's time to disable some useless item sets!

  1. Press the TWPro settings button
  2. Untick the last three item sets:
    • Golden set
    • Greenhorn set
    • TW Times Set
    If you do not need other item sets, disable those too for a performance benefit.
  3. Press Confirm
  4. After (re)calculating the activity list, an acknowledge message is displayed. You can safely close the window now.
TW Pro settings button
TW Pro settings

You might wonder, why is this amazing speed boost not enabled by default? Well, for newcomers with a small amount of items, disabling sets does not have any effect. It would just make them loose the effect of the Greenhorn set. Thus, I provide all useful sets by default. In the future, I will optimize this a bit, but until then, you have to disable these sets manually.

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