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TW Pro script

Since version 1.33, the game code has been changed that much that an update is not trivial. If you have patches or otherwise want to code, feel free to mail me. An alternative clothing calculator can be found on It does not have all features that exist in TW Pro, but at least you can determine the best available clothing for activities.

TW Pro script is a useful tool for The West which helps you finding the best clothes for an activity quickly. The original, outdated version can be found at TW Pro website (German). The version on the current page has many more features and improvements regarding speed.
One of the new features allows players to exclude activities and item sets from calculation. This feature increases the speed of calculation, and shrinks the size of the Activity list.

The language will be detected automatically, and the following languages are available:

If your language is not listed here, please submit the (correct) translations.


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Get TW Pro

Two flavors of TW Pro script are available. TW Pro was last updated on Fri, 24 Feb 2012 14:26:18 GMT+1.
Using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera? You can use the userscripts below. These versions run automatically when starting The West.

If you are not using Firefox with Greasemonkey, Google or Opera, you can use the bookmarklet below. This code can always be used, so if you cannot get the userscripts to work, try this.
Bookmark this, and open it everytime when you need it on The West: The West Pro script.
The last way to get this working without bookmarks or userscripts is by entering the following code in your location bar:


For questions, suggestions, contributions or translations, send a mail to
Translations can be submitted online.

Known issues

The following features will be considered for / added in the future:

Remember that bugs can be reported by mailing to

Changelog / changes to the script

26 December 2010 (1.2.* and 1.3.*)

28 December 2010 (1.4.*)